Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Homework Part 1

Q1. 1. Having housing to support them in their daily life.
2. Allowing them to have better accessibility along the shopping malls, markets, etc.
3. Having better healthcare needs for the elderly.
4. Opportunities for the elderly to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Q2. The CAI is planning for more housing choices for the elderly. They are also planning for housing upgrading. From a non-lift flat to one that has lifts, etc.

Q3. Our Medisave and the CPF might help them.

Q4. We can encourage the elderly around us to engage in healthy activities, help them when they are in trouble and also communicating with them more often to find out more about their difficulties.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal Reflection: (NEwater visit)

Q1. We need to conserve water. What Singapore is doing to prevent water shortage and What we can do to help prevent water shortage.

Q2. There are four national taps which provide Singapore with drinkable water. The process involved in creating NEwater, which are ultrafiltration, Reverse-Osmosis and ultra-violet.

Q3. How Reverse-Osmosis is done.

Q4. I can take shorter showers and use water when needed wisely.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A breaking news story for ADMT

All was fine on this very day. But some unexpected events are about to happen......

"Look there is some people fighting!! Let's inform the reporters and the police!!"

" Hey you!! What you looking at want to fight!!"

Soon the reporters arrived and they started recording the fight.

The police followed soon after. This reporter is busy taking shots of the fight.

The gang fighters were caught and if they are convicted, they may be sent to the boy's home.
The police applauded the two girls for their wise decisions and they also
received some "tip-off" money from the reporters.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing

Isometric: a drawing having the horizontal edges of the object drawn usually at a 30° angle and all verticals projected perpendicularly from a horizontal base, all lines being drawn to scale.

Oblique: a drawing in which the face, usually parallel to the picture plane, is represented in accurate or exact proportion, and all other faces are shown at any convenient angle other than 90°
(both from
Orthographic: viewing the picture with only one viewpoint

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Definition of theme - Environment

It is the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences; surroundings; milieu.
The social and cultural forces that shapes the life of a person or a population.
Adopted from:

Summary: An environment is a particular surrounding which shapes the life of a person together with social and cultural forces.

ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflections

-ADMT means to do art with media technology.
-A ADMT student should be creative, attentive and participate in group activities when told to do so.
-I hope that ADMT can improve my technology knowledge and skills.
- I would be attentive when the teacher is talking and would participate in group activities.
-The world would be in chaos!! Imagine surviving in a world with out proper entertaining television programmes, movies etc. those who depend a lot on modern technology would break apart from what their lives used to be.