Thursday, February 11, 2010

A breaking news story for ADMT

All was fine on this very day. But some unexpected events are about to happen......

"Look there is some people fighting!! Let's inform the reporters and the police!!"

" Hey you!! What you looking at want to fight!!"

Soon the reporters arrived and they started recording the fight.

The police followed soon after. This reporter is busy taking shots of the fight.

The gang fighters were caught and if they are convicted, they may be sent to the boy's home.
The police applauded the two girls for their wise decisions and they also
received some "tip-off" money from the reporters.


  1. The reporter's photo. The lighting is bad but it brings out the feel and intention of the photographer. It brings deeper meaning into it and allows the viewer to guess and anticipate what the reporter's are doing.

  2. I think that the second picture is the best as the main focus is not fight in the middle, and that the bars on the ceiling gave the picture depth, so it is a good picture.

  3. I believe that more skill could have been put into the photos but they are good and the lighting is best for the second picture and overall the photos are good as they contains good depth and the lines in the photos are great in the background.

  4. The first photo is quite good because it was taken from a diagonal angle and gives the picture more depth. However, the person is not 1/3 to the side of the picture and therefore making her face look weird and slightly too small.
    In the second picture, the lighting is quite good and Bing Jue's face is 1/3 to the side of the picture. However, he seems to be looking out of the picture which makes it odd.
    The 3rd picture has good contrast and a nice effect. It also is taken from a diagonal angle and this give the photo more depth. The one thing that I find weird is that they have their backs to us, which means that we can't really see their features.
    The 4th picture has good lighting. However, Imran is not about 1/3 to the side of the picture and his camera is covering his face, not allowing us to se the features.
    The 5th is the best as the lighting is good, the objects of attention are about 1/3 to the side of the page and we can see their features clearly. THere is one thing that is wrong though. The people at the back. They are too close and serve as a source of distraction which is bad.

  5. The background are great,the pictures are great overall.The 3rd picture's background might be too bright,if it is darker it could be better

  6. The photos are well taken as all of the main person in the picture are in the middle except the second picture which was perspective and the third picture which is a very good silhouette picture.